OPSIS provides a range of auxiliary equipment to the ambient air quality monitoring systems.

Calibration Equipment

OPSIS Calibration BenchOPSIS offers a range of calibration equipment for use with the air quality monitoring systems. The system is based on the CB100 calibration bench. This is used with an external CA150 lightsource and with an RE060 receiver at each end of the bench itself.

Calibration is carried out by inserting cells with transparent windows into the short light path. Calibration gases are flushed through the cell. A range of cell lengths allows flexible selection of a calibration procedure to suit the system and the compounds it is specified to monitor.

OPSIS Multiplexer


Multiplexers are used when an Opsis system includes more than one lightpath. The use of multiplexers allows a single system to handle several lightpaths, with the analyser’s computer automatically interrogating each in turn. Various models are available, depending on the number of required connections.

OPSIS WS515 Wind Sensor


OPSIS provides a range of sensors for various applications, such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, global radiation, and rainfall. They are specially designed to be easily integrated into an OPSIS monitoring system using OPSIS data logging hardware and software.

Ozone Calibrator

OPSIS Ozone CalibratorOPSIS OC500 ozone calibrator is used to calibrate Opsis Air Quality Monitoring stations. The calibrator generates a well defined ozone concentration which could be preset by the user. It is designed to generate very high ozone concentrations, sufficient for performing accuracy audit and precision tests.

System Shelters

OPSIS System ShelterOPSIS System Shelters give the optimal operation environment for the measurement equipment. They are designed for OPSIS air quality monitoring systems, used for example for traffic monitoring, and industrial fugitive emissions monitoring. Various container models are available, depending on the application and the extent of the monitoring equipment.